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Bellringers - Linda Ballard and Pam Medlock 

The Bellringers of Swaffham

For centuries the bells have been heard ringing out from the tower of Swaffham Parish Church, summoning parishioners to church, for important occasions such as weddings and in the early part of the twentieth century to celebrate the end of war. 

The tower has eights bells, five cast in Colchester by Miles Graye in 1634 and three by Thomas Newman of Norwich in 1737. Church bells would have existed before this but details of the earlier bells have been lost over the years. 

For many generations, dedicated bell-ringers have joined together in the church tower to skilfully create a wonderful sound, a sound that in many ways marks the way of life in our green and pleasant land. 

But today, Swaffham urgently needs willing volunteers to carry on this fine and great tradition. Currently there are three active ringers, but with eight bells it's clear more people are needed.

If you live in or in or near to Swaffham, perhaps bellringing could be a new new hobby/interest for you? Age is no barrier, so whether you are young or of more mature years we will be pleased to hear from you. If you would like to know more, please email the Tower Captain Simon Rudd at

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