Reverend Janet Allan                                Assistant Priest: Reverend Hilary deLyon

               Vicar of Swaffham & Sporle                                                                


                                             Readers: Mrs Julia Richardson, Mr Andrew Mash

Churchwardens: Mrs Sheila Fowler​ & Mr Mike Stenning


Parish Administrator: Ralph Clarke 

The Parish Administrator will be in church each Tuesday and Friday

from 9.00am to 12.00 noon to deal with bookings and any other matters relating to the Church

and can be contacted on 07582 396422 during that time. Email:

Secretary to the Church Council: Mrs Irene Ranner

Treasurer to the Church Council: Mr Norman Revill

Electoral Roll Officer: Mr Ralph Clarke

The Church Rooms - Bookings, General Enquiries & Hire Rates: 07958-534465.

Swaffham Parish Church